Well hello there.

I “wrote” my first story before I could read—it was about two sisters who fight a bunch of monsters in a cave and take their treasure. So basically, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with creating worlds on the page. In school, I’d spend class time writing stories in my spiral notebook and would ride the school bus home reading books or with phrases and characters swirling around in my brain, impatient to turn into blue ink. Yes, I was a nerd and no, I was never picked first for dodgeball. Not even close.

I also fell in love with beauty products while watching my mom put on lipstick and started wearing it on the sly at the age of 6. This dual obsession meant I read the back of every single Lip Smacker and electric blue mascara package I bought as a teen, captivated by the romance of its luxuriant language.

I studied English Literature at the University of Michigan and got a sub-concentration in Creative Writing. My passion for storytelling and language morphed into narrative poetry. After graduating, I got my first job as a digital copywriter and worked on a number of automotive accounts in the Detroit area, while doing freelance beauty journalism on the side. In 2007, I moved to New York City to work at R/GA. Side gigs there included beauty editor/columnist for a magazine called GO and assistant poetry editor for literary and arts journal Failbetter.

At the moment I’m back in Detroit, where I live with two adorable cats in an old penny slot machine factory. I continue to write digital ad copy, freelance beauty stories and poems, but also spend my time attending/helping to organize random arts events, scheming crackpot ideas, listening to paranormal podcasts and being excited about my first forthcoming poetry chapbook. Oh, and I just learned how to make my own hummus.

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